It’s Been Far Too Long || Quasimodo

Ever since Esmeralda had hidden herself away in the Court, she found herself thinking more of her dearest friend. It was difficult to say what had possessed her to abandon him for so long. Maybe she was avoiding him out of pure guilt or to protect him from learning of the awful turn her life had taken these recent months. She assumed that someone must have informed him she had fled the city and she assumed he had not yet heard word that she had returned. Or maybe he was intentionally avoiding her. Maybe that was for the better since after the way Phoebus had reacted to all her terrible secrets, she feared letting the truth out to anyone else.

But the longer she spent trapped in her home, the more she yearned to see him. She was mere months away from having a child and her best friend deserved to know. With that in mind, she set off that afternoon to the cathedral. Luckily the Archdeacon was there to greet her on her way in and to fetch the bell ringer for her. He may be her best friend but nothing was going to make her climb up those stairs. She settled herself into a pew and anxiously waited.

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    Quasi didn’t reply right away, his lips spreading in a wide grin as he watched Nadia. It seemed that babies weren’t...
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    "She really is." Esmeralda wiped a tear from her cheek and brushed her thumb against her daughter’s tiny hand. Madame...